10 Darjeeling Travel Tips To Make Your Trip Seamless

10 Darjeeling Travel Tips To Make Your Trip Seamless

So, you’ve decided to go on a trip to Darjeeling. It’s a beautiful hill station to plan family holidays, romantic tours, adventures, and solo holidays. Located in the northern part of West Bengal, Darjeeling is home to lush tea gardens, a world-famous tea industry, a UNESCO Heritage Site, Himalayan charm, and more exciting things. With cost-effective Darjeeling holiday packages, you can make your holiday more enjoyable. 

If you’re all set to set off, here are the 10 travel tips to make your holiday satisfying and secure:

1. Book Accommodation in Advance 
Darjeeling is best known for its marvelous nature, Himalayan beauty, and vibrant culture. Throughout the year tourists keep visiting this destination. Especially, in the peak season (March – to June; October to December) accommodations get booked quickly. Make sure you book your hotel or homestay in advance to find a desirable stay.

2. Choose the Right Season
Here, the weather can be unpredictable, and sudden rainfall is normal. The best time to visit Darjeeling is between March and May and October to mid-December when the weather is pleasant. 

Best to avoid rainy seasons (June, July, August, and September) due to heavy rainfall. This often causes roadblocks due to landslides. If you have travel plans during the monsoon, be sure to check the weather forecast. 

Get ready with cost-effective Darjeeling holiday packages from your reliable travel agency. 

3. Pack Accordingly
Do you have Darjeeling travel plans during summer or winter? Based on the month and season, pack your travel bag for the Darjeeling holiday. The weather here can get chilly in the evenings and early mornings even in summer. 

Keep some warm clothing, including sweaters, jackets, and shawls. Don't forget to carry comfortable walking shoes based on the weather and destinations. Carry an umbrella, socks, caps, water bottle, raincoat, torch, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, batteries, mosquito repellents, moisturizer, etc. 

4. Carry First Aid
One of the most vital things to keep in your travel bag is a medical kit. Make sure to keep this handy. Besides first aid meds, keep your daily meds if you have any. This may include antiseptic spray/cream, fever meds, pain reducer, bandages, indigestion meds, vomiting meds, etc. 

5. Acclimatize to the Altitude
It may take time to acclimatize yourself in Darjeeling. The region is located at a height of 2045 m. When some people may have altitude sickness in Darjeeling, there is less chance of altitude sickness in Darjeeling. Be sure you and your family members drink plenty of water during your stay. Keep from heavy meals and alcohol. 

Your travel guide will ensure extensive guidance on the Darjeeling holiday. Book low-cost Darjeeling holiday packages. 

6. Keep Cash and Coins
While people are using online payments more and more, there’s a huge importance of carrying cash. Many times, online payment can fail due to network issues. High-altitude places and network problems go hand-in-hand. ATMs are available in every area, such as remote places. 

7. Try Local Foods
The true flavors of Darjeeling lie in its local dishes. Enjoy having a diverse range of local food delicacies in Darjeeling, where you can try – Thukpa, Momos, Darjeeling tea, Sael roti, Nepali Thali, Kwati, Aloo Tama, Aloo Anchar, Gundruk, Dal Bhaat, Kheer, Aloo Gobi, Churpee, etc. 

8. Respect the Local Culture
The hill station of Darjeeling is home to diverse communities. These include Nepali, Tibetan, Lepcha, Bhutias, Sherpas, and Bengali. Respect the local customs and traditions, dress modestly, don’t be rude to them, and ask before you take their pictures. Do not throw litter, dump tissue papers anywhere, or spit. 

9. Don’t Forget to Carry Valid ID Proof
Especially at hotel and resort check-in and permits, valid ID proof is required in Darjeeling. You can take your Voter Card, Adhar Card, Pan Card, or any one of them. Though you can carry soft copies, try to keep hard copies of ID proofs. Enjoy affordable Darjeeling holiday packages with customization. 

10. Choose a Privileged Location Accommodation
When you book a hotel, resort, or homestay in Darjeeling, make sure to check their exact location. Ask them about nearby sightseeing from their hotel location and their distance. 

For example, there are many hotels near Darjeeling Mall Road, some hotels are exactly at Mall Road, and some are 1 hour away, 20 min away, and 45 minutes away from Mall Road. Specifically, if you’re traveling with the elderly or kids, choose a comfortable location for your hotel so that transfers remain hassle-free. 

These ten tips are to make your trip to Quuen of Hills Darjeeling seamless, and secure. Take comprehensive guidance from your travel agents offering all-inclusive and budget Datkjeling holiday packages. For all ranges of Darjeeling holiday plans, you can reach out to Dream Destination Holidays. 


What are the inclusions in Darjeeling tour packages
Typically, inclusions in Darjeeling holiday packages are accommodation, transfers in private cars, meals, and outdoor sightseeing. 

Are Darjeeling packages customizable?
At Dream Destination Holidays, we ensure personalized/customized Darjeeling holidays for family tours, honeymoons, and group tours.

Are 3 days enough for the Darjeeling holidays?
Yes, 2-3 are enough for a Darjeeling holiday, however, you can plan for a 5-day or 7-day tour. Here, you can plan your adventure holiday, stay in prime locations in Darjeeling town, and enjoy holiday stays in remote places in Darjeeling. 

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