4 Best Buddhist Monasteries To Visit In Gangtok

4 Best Buddhist Monasteries To Visit In Gangtok


Owing to natural ardor, Sikkim enthralls every visitor. The capital of Sikkim Gangtok is endowed with views of Mount Kanchenjunga, which is fascinating to the senses. It is the largest city in Sikkim, excellent for planning your family trips, romantic tours, and adventure tours.

But have you ever thought of exploring Gangtok as a spiritual site? If not, give it a try. Did you know Gangtok was established as a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the 1840s? Choose from a wide range of holiday packages for your upcoming venture there, such as Sikkim honeymoon packages, family packages, solo trips, group tours.

This blog shares the four best Buddhist Monasteries to visit on your Gangtok holiday. There are several Hindu Temples in the capital city of Gangtok, such as Hanuman Tok, Ganesh Tok, Shiv Mandir, Thakurbari Temple, and Parbateyswar Shivalaya Temple.

Visit one of the most important sites in this regard Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple. It’s a shrine to commemorate Honorary Baba Harbhajan Singh a dedicated soldier of the Indian Army.

#1 Rumtek Monastery

Probably, the most significant Buddhist Monastery in Sikkim is Rumtek Dharma Chakra Centre, some 1hr 10 min from Gangtok city. It belongs to the Kagyu Sect of Buddhism began to settle in Tibet in the 12th century.

This Buddhist temple was built by Gyalwa Karmapa, the 16th Karmapa of the monastery, in the 1960s. It has a wide ground floor connecting the main building. It includes an extensive prayer hall.

Rumtek Monastery is the dwelling place for community monks. There are murals, statutes, a golden stupa, thangkas, silk paintings, and many sculptures from the 16th Karmapa, displaying the best of Tibetan architecture.

#2 Do Drul Chorten

It’s a remarkable Buddhist Temple in East Sikkim, Gangtok. Do Drul Chorten is a Stupa, built by Trulshik Rinpoche in 1945, the head of the Nyingma order of Tibetan Buddhism.

Around this Buddhis Temple, there are 108 prayer wheels/Mani Lhakor and the temple is bounded by Chorten Lakahnag and Guru Lakhang, and there are two statues of Guru Rinpoche.

Inside the temple, you’ll see Kangyur/Holy Books, a complete set of Dorjee Phurba, and several religious stuff. Do Drul Chorten and Gangtok are some 12 min apart.

#3 Enchey Monastery

Enchey Monastery, a 200-year-old monastery, was established in the year of 1909 on the hilltop of Gangtok. The name of Enchey Monastery means “Solitary Monastery”, which is around 3 km northeast of the Capital City of Gangtok.

Enchey Monastery is one of the most sacred locations in East Sikkim. This Buddhist Temple is associated with a belief that protecting deities, Khangchendzonga and Yabden, dwell in the monastery. Enchey Monastery belongs to the Nyingma order of Vajrayana Buddhism and is regarded as the Guardian protector of Gangtok.

#4 Ranka Monastery

Ranka Monastery or Lingdum Monastery is an important Buddhist Temple in East Sikkim, some 20 km from Gangtok and 8 km from Ban Jhakri Falls. This is one of the most incredible monasteries in the region, offering a vast stretch of scenic views.

This Buddhist Monastery follows the Zurmang Kagyud Lineage of Buddhism, bounded by forested hilly terrains. There’s a two-storey building along the outskirt of the courtyard. Inside the temple, there are beautiful wall hangings, paintings, etc. Explore the best of Gangtok tours with cost-effective Gangtok holiday itineraries, like family packages, group tour plans, Sikkim tour packages for couple.

Book budget-friendly, all-inclusive holiday itineraries from a reliable, authorized tour operator near you. Tour experts will look after your transport, lodging and meals, outdoor sightseeing, outdoor recreation, etc. Happy tripping!

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