12 Travel Tips To Navigate Sikkim's Terrain

12 Travel Tips To Navigate Sikkim's Terrain

Sikkim is an evergreen dream destination for travelers worldwide, noted for its unmatched mountainous splendour, which exclusively serves mountain lovers, adventure seekers, and nature enthusiasts. This biodiversity-rich northeast Indian state boasts ample attractions, ranging from Himalayan ranges, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, sacred sites, and opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as paragliding, cable car ride, camping, trekking, mountain biking, bungee jumping, rafting in Teesta, safaris. 

Famed for its stunning balance between thrill and peace, Sikkim nestles in the eastern Himalayas, bounded by Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal. With professionally crafted Sikkim holiday packages by Dream Destination Holidays, explore the pristine charm of Sikkim the way you desire with customization.

This northeastern treasure of India houses breathtaking landscapes, distinct cultures, lively natives, delectable cuisine, ancient monasteries, and more attributes that will fascinate your senses. However, covering Sikkim's destinations takes tactful planning and consideration. 

Here are 12 travel recommendations for a secure, comfortable, and memorable trip in the wonderful region of Sikkim:

1 Securing Permits
Secure all the essential permits/Inner Line Permits in advance, especially if you are visiting restricted areas in Sikkim like Zuluk, Nathula Pass, North Sikkim (Lachen, Lachung, Zero Point, Gurudongmar Lake, Dzongu, Yumthang Valley). Keep your Voter ID/Driving license, recent passport-size photos, visa (if you have it), etc.

For kids below 18 need to show their birth certificate/father's voter ID or passport. If you book a holiday package for Sikkim, your tour guide will ensure proper guidance beforehand and help with the process. Avail of budget-friendly Sikkim tour packages from a trusted tour operator. 

2 Proper Planning
Before you start mapping out your tour, learn about Sikkim's topography, weather, accommodation locations, and prominent attractions. Plan your destinations based on your health and people’s health you would travel with.
Make sure to avoid skipping extremely high-altitude places like Gurudongmar Lake, Nathula Pass, Zero Point, Old Baba Mandir, and Mount Katao if you are traveling with kids below 6 or elderly. 

Plus, careful consideration is required when it comes to choosing outdoor recreation or activities. Book hotels/accommodations located in privileged locations that help you navigate attractions without hassles. Avail of budget Sikkim holiday packages from a reputable travel agency near you. 

3 Weather Update
A temperate climate is found in most of the inhabited regions of the Northeast Indian state of Sikkim. Sikkim’s weather conditions may vary widely. The typical annual temperature for Sikkim is around 18 degrees C. 

4 Packing Wisely
You need to pack layers of clothing to cope with temperature changes, such as a raincoat, umbrella, warm clothes, comfortable shoes, first aid, electric kettle, breathable t-shirts, jackets, cap, muffler. 

5 Respecting Culture And Tradition
Whatever destination you’re approaching, if you’re traveling there, you must be attentive to their local and religious customs. Sikkim is home to a diverse range of population with rich cultural traditions. The ethnic groups there are mostly Lepcha, Bhutia, and Nepali. 

There are Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, Gurudwara, mosque, and churches. Respect their culture, dress modestly, and obtain permission before photographing at holy sites. Get affordable Sikkim tour packages for the family. 

6 Altitude Acclimatization
Sikkim has various high-altitude destinations, including Gurudongmar Lake, Zero Point, Mount Katao, Yumthang Valley, Chopta Valley, Old Baba Mandir, Old Silk Route, and Nathula Pass. Be sure not to hurry; take it slowly in order to let your body acclimatize to the altitude and you can refrain from altitude sickness. If you already have altitude sickness, make sure to consider your health.

7 Keeping Yourself Hydrated 
The high altitude and rugged terrain can be physically demanding to explore, so you need to be attentive to water consumption. Drink enough water to keep dehydration at bay. Keep water bottles handy while traveling.

8 Eating Local Cuisine Delicacies
When you’re in Sikkim or planning a trip here, try soups, stews, whole lots of vegetables, momos, thukpa, and traditional Sikkimese tea. Wise not to experiment a lot with food to keep your stomach health alright.

9 Responsive Traveling
To protect the delicate ecology, follow authorized trekking trails, get your local guide, and avoid entering restricted areas. Do not interfere with the fragile vegetation, or litter in the forests like water bottles, paper, tissues, plastic bags, cans, smoke, cribbing on trees, etc. Always seek permission before taking individual photographs, throw the waste in a dustbin, etc.

10 Transportation Planning
Careful driving is a must while traveling to Sikkim. Road conditions can be difficult due to hilly and mountainous rugged terrain, especially in North Sikkim. Best to hire a local driver who is experienced with the areas (mountainous routes). Get MUV and SUV cars like Bolero, Innova, Xylo, or Scorpio to explore the region.

11 Choosing Accommodation Wisely
In the region of Sikkim, you’ll find many categories of accommodation located in different places, such as premium resorts, budget homestays, quality hotels, low-cost hotels, cottages, and rural homestays. 
While choosing accommodation, make sure it not only meets your budget but also lets you travel comfortably, keeping your journey from hassles. 

12 Language
The official languages of the Northeast state of Sikkim are English, Nepali, Sikkimese/Bhutia, and Lapcha. English is widely spoken in tourist destinations in Sikkim. It’ll be great if you learn a few simple words in Nepali or Bhutia. Additional official languages in Sikkim are Sherpa, Newari, Gurung, Tamang, Rai, Magar, Limbu, etc.

By following this travel advice, you can make your traveling experiences satisfying and secure. Explore confidently Sikkim's soul-satisfying terrains and landscapes with scopes for outdoor recreation. With a guided tour by Dream Destination Holidays, make the most of your trip to this breathtaking Himalayan wonderland.

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