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Where the Thunder Dragon reigns - Bhutan settles in the rugged areas of the Eastern Himalayas and is one of the cleanest nations in the South Asian domain. A far off realm that actually sticks to its Buddhist culture yet embraces modernization, Bhutan is a land with monasteries, architecture that exhibits heritage, excellent valleys, snow-clad mountain perspectives and rich vegetation.

Places to Visit


Paro valley stretches out from the intersection of the Paro Chhu and the Wang Chhu streams at Chuzom up to Mt. Jomolhari at the Tibetan boundary toward the North. This pleasant district is one of the largest valleys in the realm and is shrouded in rich rice fields and has a delightful, glasslike stream wandering down the valley.


Thimpu is Bhutan’s capital. This place is where you get to celebrate the rich Bhutanese culture. Thimpu is also the main city of commerce. Thimpu celebrates the wonderful mix of culture along with modernity. It should be on any traveller itinerary as Thimpu is surely a great place to be.


Punakha is one of the most popular places in Bhutan. Situated at the height of 1500 meters, it provides a beautiful view of the Himalayas. The place offers beautiful opportunities for trekking and cycling. Punakha also has the second oldest dzong in Bhutan known as the Punakha Dzong.


Trongsa is a beautiful town situated at the focal point of Bhutan;also known to be the heart of the Himalayan Kingdom. It's translated as "new town" in Dzongkha. The scenery is made of dark mountains offering wonderful views of the encompassing valleys.

Phobjika Valley

A delightful bowl shaped snow capped valley situated against a backdrop of the Black Mountains, the Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan is a treat for those with a profound love for nature. The valley is situated on the boundaries of the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park.


Phuentosholing is the second largest city in Bhutan. This place encounters major commercial activities and hence fosters a sense of modernity. But the place also is touched by nature in the form of lush greeneries and beautiful views of the black mountains. Phuentoshiling should be a must visit for travellers.

Haa valley

It is one of the smallest districts in Bhutan. And yet the Haa valley offers beautiful scenic beauties for travellers to experience. The spot also provide with excellent trekking and cycling opportunities. The idyllic wooden forests make the valley one of a kind. Coupled with the beautiful bloom of the Blue coloured Poppy, Haa Valley becomes an ideal spot for a vacation.

Royal Manas National Park

The Royal Manas National Park is one of the oldest National parks in Bhutan. Officially set up as a wildlife sanctuary, it was converted to a national park in 1993. The national park houses some rare and endangered animals. The National Park stands as a representation of the expansive flora and fauna of Bhutan.

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