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With the carefully chosen family trip packages from Dream Destination, experience the alluring beauty of Gangtok. Gangtok, which is surrounded by the magnificent Himalayas, welcomes you to go off on an amazing tour that will be full of breathtaking scenery, vibrant culture, and thrilling adventures. Our Gangtok family tour packages are made to offer a smooth fusion of leisure, discovery, and real-world encounters, making sure that your trip to Gangtok is full of wonder and happiness at every turn.

No matter what kind of experience you're looking for, we are equipped to satisfy you with our premium travel services. Whether it is exciting outdoor activities, quiet time in nature, or cultural immersion, our carefully designed packages accommodate the varied tastes of every member of the family. Take your family on an unforgettable journey with Dream Destination and have treasured moments in the charming city of Gangtok.

Why Take Your Family on a Vacation to Gangtok?

Gangtok offers a wonderful combination of breathtaking natural beauty, lively culture, and thrilling adventures, making it the ideal destination for an unforgettable family holiday. Experience the mesmerizing scenery of verdant valleys and snow-capped mountains, which make the ideal setting for spending quality time with your loved ones. Discover the vibrant monasteries, lively festivals, and busy marketplaces, which provide a diverse range of experiences suitable for all family members.


Indulge in exhilarating adventure pursuits like trekking, river rafting, and cable car excursions, which offer life-changing thrills to people of all ages. Dream Destination offers carefully selected Gangtok family tour packages that will provide for a hassle-free, joyful trip full of love, warmth, and treasured memories.

Book your Gangtok tour packages for family right now to start an amazing adventure filled with joy and discovery.

Check Out Our Exclusive Gangtok Family Tour Package

With our exclusive Gangtok family tour package, discover the enchantment. Explore a world of captivating scenery, fascinating cultural attractions, and exhilarating activities that are all carefully planned to give your family lifelong memories.

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Gangtok's Must-See Attractions for a Family Sightseeing Tour

Take advantage of our specially crafted family sightseeing trip to fully appreciate Gangtok's beauty, or choose from our Gangtok couple tour package, which is sure to provide you and your loved ones with an experience they won't soon forget. Discover the following must-see sights, which have been carefully chosen to highlight Gangtok's natural beauty and rich cultural diversity:

MG Road

MG Road : Take in the lively ambience of Gangtok's main retail area, which features a variety of regional stores, cafes, and eateries ideal for a leisurely stroll.

Nathula route

Nathula route : Travel to the magnificent Nathula Pass, a high-altitude mountain route that provides chances to see wildlife as well as stunning views of snow-capped peaks.

Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery : Explore Gangtok's spiritual past by going to this revered Tibetan Buddhist location, which is well-known for its elaborate architecture and peaceful atmosphere.

Ganesh Tok

Ganesh Tok : Admire the expansive views of the surrounding valleys and mountains from Ganesh Tok, a mountaintop shrine devoted to Lord Ganesh.

Tsongmo Lake

Tsongmo Lake : Also called Changu Lake, Tsongmo Lake is a serene lake encircled by colourful alpine woods and tucked away between snow-capped peaks.

Ban Jhakri Falls

Ban Jhakri Falls : This picturesque waterfall with thick foliage all around it and traditional Sikkimese sculptures reflecting local folklore are sure to revive your senses.


Kanchenjunga : Take in the breathtaking views of the majestic Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world, which provides a breathtaking background to Gangtok's charming scenery.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology : This institution, which is home to an extensive collection of Tibetan antiquities, manuscripts, and religious objects, offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the rich cultural legacy of Tibet.

With the help of our family-friendly Gangtok tour packages, go out on a voyage of discovery and make priceless memories among the stunning scenery and fascinating local culture.

How to Get to Gangtok for Your Family Tour

Considering the variety of transportation choices available, arranging your trip to Gangtok is simple:

By Train:

From several Indian cities, take trains such as the Kamakhya Express to the New Jalpaiguri (NJP) railway station. From there, take a road to Gangtok.

By Air:

From major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and more, fly to Bagdogra International Airport (IXB), and then enjoy a picturesque trip to Gangtok.

By Road:

Your family can easily travel to Gangtok from neighbouring cities like Siliguri by bus or taxi/cab services, guaranteeing a hassle-free and enjoyable trip.

With dream destination special tour packages, pick your preferred method of transportation and start your unforgettable family journey amidst Gangtok's stunning scenery.

Family-Friendly Events & Exciting Activities in Gangtok

In Gangtok, there are a ton of family-friendly sites and activities waiting for you to discover. Take off on an exciting adventure by booking one of the finest Gangtok holiday packages for families:

Viewpoints for Sunrise and Sunset

Viewpoints for Sunrise and Sunset : From picturesque vantage points like Singhik View Point and Tashi View Point, take in the stunning hues of sunrise and sunset.

Cable Ride

Cable Ride : Take a cable ride high above Gangtok to get sweeping views of the city and the mountains that surround it.

Trekking Expeditions

Trekking Expeditions : Arrange a family trip to Gangtok and take off on amazing trekking journeys to neighbouring locations. Some best locations here include Goechala Trek, Nathu La Pass, Dzongri Trek, and Green Lake Trek, which provide breathtaking scenery and life-changing experiences.

Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports : Indulge your thirst for adventure with exhilarating pursuits including mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, and river rafting on the River Teesta.

Shopping excursions

Shopping excursions : Go shopping for regional handicrafts, clothing, accessories, and more at thriving markets like MG Road, the Directorate of Handicrafts and Handlooms, and New Market.

Botanical Gardens and Flower Show

Botanical Gardens and Flower Show : Visit The Orchid Sanctuary to see the untamed beauty of Sikkim, and then head to White Hall to take in the colourful Flower Show.

Why Select Your Gangtok Family Tour Package from Dream Destination?

Exciting Destinations Exciting Destinations: With our package trips, which provide the ideal family vacation to the breathtaking Himalayas, you may fully immerse yourself in the grandeur of Gangtok.

Tailored Itineraries Tailored Itineraries: Allow our knowledgeable travel consultants to create a tour that is specifically tailored to your family's interests, guaranteeing that every second of your trip is exciting, safe, and joyful.

Transparent pricing Transparent pricing: Honest pricing and upfront billing ensure affordability without sacrificing quality.

Local Expertise Local Expertise: Make the most of our skilled advisors' assistance as you discover Gangtok's genuine charms, guaranteeing a wonderful family vacation.

Stress-free Planning Stress-free Planning: With our flawless planning and dedicated service, you can unwind and enjoy a stress-free tour experience. Our comprehensive services ensure a hassle-free holiday by taking care of everything for you, including permits, lodging, flights, and outdoor entertainment.

Comfortable Accommodations Comfortable Accommodations: For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, choose lodging in Gangtok that suits your budget and guarantees an opulent stay.

All Set to Discover Gangtok? With Dream Destination, book the Best Gangtok Family Tour Packages Right Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which month is ideal for travelling to Gangtok?

    Fall (mid-September to December) and spring (March to May) are the best seasons to visit Gangtok. The 11°C to 24°C temperature range during these seasons makes it comfortable to explore the area's attractions.

  • Can I see snowfall in Gangtok?

    Snowfall is restricted to several areas of Gangtok and usually falls at particular periods of the year. Snow is rare in lower altitude regions where temperatures vary from 2°C to 7°C. Still, Gangtok's breathtaking view of the Himalayas clad in snow is incredibly captivating.

  • Which airport is the closest to Gangtok?

    Pakyong Airport is the closest airport to Gangtok. Nevertheless, there aren't any flights operating at this airport right now. Flying to Bagdogra airport and then driving to Gangtok is the most convenient way to get to the city by plane.

  • Which train station is the closest to Gangtok?

    Siliguri Junction and New Jalpaiguri are the closest train stations to Gangtok, at roughly 145 and 188 kilometres, respectively. Express and quick trains provide excellent connections between both stations and important cities. Travellers can directly travel to Gangtok via bus or cab from Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri.

  • Will May bring snow to Gangtok?

    May is not a typical snowy month in Gangtok because it is summertime. But during this time, you can come across the snow in Sikkim's upper regions, like Nathula, Tsomgo Lake, and Zero Point.

  • How can I get to Lachung from Gangtok?

    The 113-kilometer drive from Gangtok to Lachung may be completed in about three hours by vehicle. There are also shared taxis that run between Lachung and Gangtok.

  • How can I plan a Gangtok trip from India?

    Making a budget is the first step in organizing a vacation to Gangtok. You can then decide on the length of your vacation, the sights you want to see, and the activities you want to engage in once you've established your budget. Once you have a plan in place, you may go through several Gangtok family tour packages and choose the one that most closely matches your needs and price range.

  • Are travellers safe in Gangtok?

    Due to its kind and inviting inhabitants, Gangtok is considered to be one of the safest travel destinations in India. Even for female visitors travelling alone, it is regarded as safe due to its incredibly low crime rate. However, it’s still wise to keep an eye out for your possessions and pay attention to your surroundings. Preserving public etiquette and social decency can also assist you in averting any unwelcome problems.